Welcome to bare.

We are a small, artisanal skin bar business nestled on the lower slope of Table Mountain.

Our dream – to make beautiful, gentle, cleansing bars of soap for personal use.  Moving away from mass-produced shop bought, highly processed soap that dries your skin and is harmful to the environment. 

Through a process of trial and error, learning the benefits of combining different plant and nut oils,  our ultimate bar was born. Initially small sampler bars were handed out as testers to friends, family and collegues.  The idea grew as did interest and making local, ethical, gorgeous bars of soap became a reality.

We are small batch soap makers.  We don't make more than 20 bars of soap at a time. We believe in quality over quantity.

As with most worthwhile things in life, bare. is a labour of love.  We promise to use only the best ingredients; to make small handmade batches of soaps that we are proud of; to never rush the soap process (it takes time: to make, to dry, to cut, to wrap); to support local and ethical business; to offer you a beautiful product that you’ll come back for.

That’s the bebare. promise.